ARY VacMaster Vacuum Packaging Machines, Bags and Accessories

Headquartered in Kansas City, VacMaster has been supplying industrial quality machines to the food processing industry for almost three decades. Today, you can have VacMaster’s proven commercial quality in your kitchen.

In addition to offering a full line of suction machines, VacMaster was the first to bring Chamber technology to the home kitchen. VacMaster continues to stay on the forefront of vacuum packaging technology, bringing innovative products that are superior in both quality and value to you.

Beyond machines, VacMaster vacuum bags, chamber pouches and accessories also feature patented technology and unique designs ensuring superior performance in your home.

How does a chamber vacuum machine work?  When sealing with a chamber machine, the vacuum pouch is placed inside the chamber (as opposed to a suction machine where the bag is placed outside the machine and air is sucked from the top of the bag) and the lid is closed.  Air is removed from the entire chamber, not just the pouch itself, allowing air pressure on both the inside and outside of the pouch to remain equal and liquids to stay inside the pouch. After the air has been removed, the pouch is fully sealed and air is returned back into the chamber. It’s simply amazing to see firsthand (watch our videos at!

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