Crockpot freezer meals reduce stress during busy weeknights

It’s the latest “big thing” and it’ll save you a lot of time on your busy family weeknights. Crockpot freezer meals are gaining popularity and with good reason. We all go through those rushed weeknight evenings – you get home from work after fighting rush hour traffic and the kids are hungry. You have a meeting in an hour and your kids have to get to practice. Later on, you plan to catch up on some laundry before checking the kids’ homework and getting them off to bed. I’m tired just writing and thinking about all that! What did we forget? Yep, that’s right – cooking a nutritious meal and cleaning up afterwards. How on earth do you make that happen? You could run to grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant but that gets expensive and is not always the healthiest option. The answer? Crockpot freezer meals!

What is a Crockpot freezer meal? We’ve all used our Crockpots to let meals cook while we’re at work. But be honest – are your weekday mornings any less rushed than your evenings? They aren’t in my house. Who has time to put together a good meal in the mornings, even if it is using a Crockpot? The answer is a pre-packaged meal you make yourself and freeze. Using quality ingredients like fresh veggies, lean meats and so forth, you can assemble your meal in a VacMaster storage bag and vacuum package it for the freezer. Google recipes that will work well as a Crockpot freezer meal and you’ll find enough recipes to last for months. Then just take a weekend day when time is more available and put them together. Label and freeze and your weeknights are now much less stressful! Keep in mind most recipes suggest using zippered freezer bags but those won’t last as long as a vacuum packaged meal will last and it won’t be long before they start forming ice crystals on your food. Use your vacuum packaging machine and your food will last five times longer. Simply thaw in the fridge the day before needed and cut open and dump the contents into your Crockpot. Turn it on and head to work. When you arrive home, you’ll smell a great, home-cooked meal already cooked for your enjoyment.

Another reason these Crockpot freezer meals are so popular is that they are lacking preservatives, salt, trans fats, refined grains, high fructose corn syrup and other chemicals you will find in pre-packaged commercial meals made to be cooked in similar fashion. Health experts recommend avoiding pre-packaged meals for just this reason. By preparing them yourself, you’re saving time AND eating much more healthy.

Here are a few sites that give you some recipe ideas for Crockpot freezer meals:

A note here… on some veggies you find in these recipes, you will need to blanch them first before vacuum packaging.

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