Simplify Your Life

Simply your life with a kitchen appliance? Sure! You can definitely do it with VacMaster’s line of vacuum packaging machines and accessories! The possibilities are endless when it comes to putting VacMaster machines to use every day, not just in the kitchen but around the house and outdoors too. Have more time and money to spend watching a movie, going out on the town or taking in a ballgame!

Here are some examples …

  • Vacuum packaging off season clothing to keep fresh and clean while stored.
  • Vacuum package individual servings of your pet’s food to make it simple for the neighbors to feed them while you’re out of town.
  • Seal your first-aid items so they stay dry and sterile during camping or canoeing trips.
  • Make a row of small pouches and seal your daily medication or supplements for convenience and less bulk than those pill boxes.
  • Stock up on food sales and buy bulk at a cheaper price. Vacuum package into meal-sized portions and freeze with no worries about freezer burn
  • Don’t toss food! Save leftovers for re-heating. Leftovers will stay fresh five times longer than if you just placed in a plastic dish.
  • Eat healthier by purchasing and freezing fresh vegetables and fruits from roadside stands and farmers markets.
  • Freeze quick meals to place in the slow-cooker and save time that is better spent with the family rather than cooking. Add more time by using a slow-cooker liner to lessen the messy clean up.
  • I’ve used many of these tips and others over the past months to make my life easier. How has your vacuum packaging machine helped simplify your life? Please share your tips and suggestions below and take a look at out “Tips and Uses” page at

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