Earth Day Recycling

ARY VacMaster cares about the environment and we’re doing things this whole week to promote it leading up to Earth Day on Monday. Each day has a designated type of item to bring in to either donate or recycle. Employees are bringing in shoes, household items, small electronics, toys, clothes, glass and paper items.

Earth Day Recycling

Earth Day

Recycling or reusing VacMaster bags and pouches is another great way to be “green” this Earth Day and every day. We always get questions about reusing VacMaster bags and the answer is they can be reused in some situations. Never reuse a storage bag or chamber pouch that has previously been used to store raw meats, seafood or any other food that has a high oil content. Also, do not reuse a bag that has been boiled or microwaved in order to heat the food stored inside. Most other types of stored foods are fine for reuse of the bag.

In order to safely reuse these bags, be sure to wash with warm water and a mild dish detergent or use the dishwasher and turn the bags inside out. Make sure they are placed in the top rack only and thoroughly dry before reuse.

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